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Publishing Policy and Procedures

Probus Clubs are for retired or semi-retired professional or

business persons and others with former like responsibilities.

The Probus Club WEB PAGE ... ... is dedicated to:

(1) Providing persons throughout the world, who are not Probus members, with information about PROBUS including instructions for ROTARY Club Sponsors on how a Probus Club can be started. (2) Providing service to Probus clubs and members worldwide. Probus pages are designed to provide material which will be of interest to a reasonable number of Probians, and are subject to a Publishing policy: Content of web pages are to be in English so that they can be read in all countries, but may also include a translation to another language. Web pages in each country shall contain a high quality and level of information substantially acceptable to the majority of its members in that country. Any Probus member wishing to have information placed on the web will be granted space and link, subject to the following criteria:

1. Be such that a reasonable number of persons will have an interest in the material provided.
2. Encourage stimulation of "thought, interest and use or participation", or provide fellowship and interaction between members. 3. Be non-political and non-sectarian. A volunteer Editor and a back-up person in each country shall be provided to keep the information updated and properly linked. The adequacy of computer or software to comply with the Publisher's Web Page, shall be the responsibility of the Editor for the Country. The International Probus Webmaster shall have the right to change wording or content if deemed unsuitable or in error, and at his or her discretion, to cancel a web page or link deemed inactive after having given two weeks notice The International Probus Webmaster will cancel a web page when policies or content for links or material in any one country are found to contravene the constitutions of that Probus Center or Probus Clubs.

The title PROBUS on the World Internet and the text for the web page belongs to Probus Club Service and Promotion (Probus - Centre Canada - Inc.). Any country request to translate the text content of our web page would be readily considered if it is to be used for the development of new Probus Clubs as a service through Rotary Clubs, subject to the following agreement: 

1. The translation would be carried out by the applicant including changes to suit the country, and carried as a link to the PROBUS world page. 

2. Translation rights apply only to the country and can not be resold to other countries for translation. 

3. Only Rotary clubs may start Probus Clubs in the country applying for rights.. 
4. "Probus Club Service and Promotion" is a non-profit operation. A $200.00 U.S. money order as a contribution for the development of the world PROBUS pages, is requested for authority to translate these pages, payable to Probus Club Service and Promotion, c/o MR. REG WHYNOTT, Managing Director, Probus Centre-Canada, Inc.,  2855 Olympic Road,  QUALICUM BEACH, B.C.   V9K 2L8, CANADA and accompanied by an officially signed copy of this page.  
5. An amount of $20.00 for each new Probus club is payable by money order, as a contribution for the development of the world PROBUS pages,
TO:   Probus Club Service and Promotion, c/o
2855 Olympic Road,  QUALICUM BEACH, B.C.   V9K 2L8,  CANADA  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Updated May 13, 2007